Work Desired

Please check the work desired.

  1. THATCH AND SWEEP - Thatch the lawn removing dead grass and strating the year off healthy and clean. (Early Spring) ****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED****
  2. STEP 1 - Early Spring Crab Grass Preventer with High Nitrogen & plus Iron
  3. STEP 2 - Weed N Feed Spring lawn feeding. Greening Power & WEED CONTROL
  4. STEP 3 - Summer feeding with slow release high nitrogen to prevent burning
  5. STEP 4 - Fall Feeding Winterizer, a Granular Fertilizer to enhance root growth for helping your lawn cone in quicker, thicker, and greener in Spring
  6. Natural Organic Milorganite Fertilizer
  7. Aeration of your lawn (Fall)
  8. Edging the Sidewalk (Spring)
  9. Edging the Sidewalk (Late Spring)
  10. Edging the Sidewalk (Summer)
  11. Edging the Sidewalk (Fall)
  12. Fungicide Application
  13. Gutter Cleaning Spring or Fall
  14. Grub Prevention (May June Timing)
  15. Grub Killer Dylox
  16. Pruning the trees and shrubs (Summer)
  17. Pruning the trees and shrubs (Fall)
  18. Tree and Shrub Fertilizer (Spring)
  19. Lawn Mowing (Weekly)
  20. Lawn Mowing (Bi-Weekly)
  21. Monthly Maintenance (Fertilize, Mow, Snow Removal, Edging)
  22. Mulch Top Off in Spring
  23. Ant, Bug, Spider Killer / Prevention
  24. Spray for Weeds, Fall or anytime
  25. Snow Removal
  26. Sprinkler System - Spring Open and Fall Close
  27. Other Service
  28. Check here if you need landscaping done and would like an estimate